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Location: Beltsville, MD
Founded: 1993
Industry: Technology


Deepak Jain
Founder and CEO


AiNET specializes in the design, construction, operation and support of internet data centers, optical fiber networks and critical applications. “[We are] known for our unique, creative approach to solving the most complex technology challenges on the planet,” says founder and CEO Deepak Jain. “Our growth has been primarily predicated upon our organizational culture. We are relentlessly committed to hiring smart, talented, creative people, and our organization has been designed to give them room to spread their wings and do what they do best, which is innovate. We strongly believe that our people are our most valuable asset.”

Quick Tip: “Only those who find themselves with an unyielding desire to see their ideas through to the end, no matter the hardship that comes along the way, will truly be successful in business.”

Rapid growth tends to come with rapid change, which has at times been a challenge for AiNET. “But since we have learned to embrace [change], we have been able to manage it much more effectively,” says Jain. “It’s all about mentality, and letting the momentum of growth work for you rather than against you.” The importance of staying flexible and agile in the face of growth also has been an important lesson, he adds. For now, AiNET is primarily a regional company, serving the Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia markets. In five years, Jain wants to see the company’s network of data centers extend to cover most of the U.S.