Acuity, Inc.

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Location: Reston, VA
Founded: 2002
Industry: Technology

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Acuity, Inc.

Rui Garcia
Founder and CEO


Acuity, Inc. founder and CEO Rui Garcia attributes his company’s fast growth to his strong team and to Acuity’s ability to adapt. Over the course of Acuity’s lifetime, it has shifted gears twice to better attend to the needs of its clients. The company started as a reseller of hardware and software, but changed its focus to technology consulting when it realized that clients needed problem solvers. Years later, Acuity pivoted again, investing in the development of management consulting services. In changing its services, Acuity has been able to maintain growth every step of the way. Today, the company’s services include IT strategy, architecture and design; mobile applications; custom software development; program management; IT operations management solutions and more.

Quick Tip: “I call Acuity a company of ‘intrapreneurs,’ where team members are recognized and rewarded for their personal and professional innovation.”

Through its periods of fast growth, Acuity has strived to maintain transparency and open lines of communication, including easy access to senior leadership. “We also recognize the importance of operational maturity to our continued growth, and over the past several years, we have made significant investments in this area,” says Garcia. “With a maturing executive team, streamlined operations, new service offering solutions, high-performing teams and steadily increasing revenues, Acuity is poised for continued success.”