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Location: Chantilly, VA
Industry: Technology, digital marketing and software development


Frank Policastro CPA, PMP
VP, Finance and Administration
Years in role: 3
Years at company: 1

GROWTH CHAMPION: As VP of finance and administration at Whereoware, Frank Policastro leads the company’s corporate operations team, which is responsible for tasks like accounting, finance, HR, recruiting and IT. But his most important role is ensuring that employees have the tools and resources necessary for delivering excellence. Policastro has worked closely with many of Whereoware’s teams to improve pricing, management and execution when it comes to projects.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Policastro says his relationship with Whereoware’s CEO Eric Dean is a true partnership, based on trust, confidence and respect. “My honest communication and collaboration with Eric has impacted both Whereoware’s financial and cultural health,” says Policastro. “Our relationship has allowed me the opportunity to not only drive cost and operational efficiencies, but also work with Eric to identify profitable sources of growth.”

FUN FACT: “I worked myself through high school and college by working in a pizzeria. … I love teaching my three young girls how to make homemade pizza.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: In his role, Policastro has gone above and beyond by recognizing the company’s ability to impact the livelihood and professional development of its employees. To that end, he has worked to make communication more transparent and timely, and most recently, he led the company’s transition to a new healthcare provider.