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Location: Chevy Chase, MD
Industry: Technology


Sonny Ganguly
Years in role: 10
Years at company: 10

INSPIRING THE TEAM: For WeddingWire CMO Sonny Ganguly, inspiring his team starts with sharing information. “We are not afraid, as an executive team, to share the key pieces of our business that are sometimes confidential,” says Ganguly. Ultimately, this gives employees an idea of how their individual role contributes to overall corporate goals.

FUN FACT:  “I got the opportunity to literally dress up in a Kool-Aid man costume —  which is about 10 feet tall, inflated with very warm air — and I’d go to the local hospitals and businesses around the area to bring some excitement.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Ganguly jokes that WeddingWire is not in the right industry for repeat business. Though clients are typically very engaged during the wedding-planning cycle, they eventually get married and disappear. “That means we’re constantly finding engaged couples across the U.S.,” says Ganguly. To reach these potential clients as early in the planning stage as possible, the WeddingWire marketing team has had to get creative. Currently, it is running a “#JustSaidYes” photo contest to bring in newly engaged couples.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Trust and collaboration form the bedrock of Ganguly’s relationship with WeddingWire CEO Timothy Chi. “I think Tim does an excellent job of building trust in me and the entire executive team and our abilities, meaning that he trusts me to make great marketing decisions, and at the same time is always asking good questions,” says Ganguly.