Ullico Inc.

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Location: Washington, DC
Industry: Real estate, healthcare and financial services

Ullico Inc.

Tracy Coker
Years in role: 4
Years at company: 15

INSPIRING THE TEAM: Tracy Coker, VP of HR at Ullico Inc., inspires her team by leading by example. “I try my best to exemplify the traits and characteristics that I want to see in my employees,” she says. For Coker, this starts with being a collaborative worker, and encouraging employees to share their thoughts and opinions. “I know that I don’t always have all the answers. I find that when people are included in the decision-making process, they are more likely to work harder because they have more of a vested interest,” says Coker.

FUN FACT: “I love reality TV. It teaches a great deal about group dynamics and effective communication (or lack thereof).”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Though the HR team at Ullico is small, Coker says it is dedicated to providing a wide array of HR services for the company’s more than 200 employees. Challenging though this may seem, Coker is proud of what the team has achieved. “I have structured my team in a way that best leverages each individual’s strengths. We have been able to provide full coverage on a broad spectrum of HR functional areas,” she says.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Coker says she shares a great relationship with Ullico’s CEO, and that since she took on her new role four years ago, he has had confidence in her potential. Now, with many successes under Coker’s belt, “he has seen clear evidence of the type of leader that I am. His confidence in my abilities has continued to grow,” she says.