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Location: Washington, DC
Industry: Technology

Thycotic Software, LLC

Kathleen Moore
Years in role: 20
Years at company: <1

Kathleen Moore is Thycotic Software, LLC’s first-ever CFO, and as such, she adds a strategic financial lens to the conversation. “I bring to the management meeting a discussion around return on investment and allocation of resources that probably was missing,” Moore says. “Specifically, I implemented an agile planning that is done quarterly.” This quarterly planning session has allowed the company to refresh in the face of rapid growth. What’s more, Moore brought structure to Thycotic’s accounting operations, and automated processes like payroll that had previously been done manually.

FUN FACT:  “Since I’m a CFO, most people are [surprised] to learn that I have a sense of humor, and that when I retire from being a CFO, I want to be a standup comedienne.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Thycotic’s CEO comes from a sales and marketing background, and as a result, is skilled when it comes to articulating the company’s vision and driving revenue. “Where we work well together is, I’m able to understand his vision, and then work with him to create the financial and operational plan, and convert his vision into objectives and key results that get measured,” says Moore.

ABOVE AND BEYOND: In her short time at Thycotic, Moore has made an impact. The company had never been audited before, so Moore decided to undertake Thycotic’s first external financial audit. In addition, Moore put processes in place for quality control amongst her team.