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Location: Reston, VA
Industry: Management consulting, federal contractor

The Ambit Group

Ashequl Hoque
Years in role: 3.5
Years at company: 4.5

GROWTH CHAMPION: “I view my seat in running the company as being responsible for maintaining the balance of the business,” says Ashequl Hoque, CFO at The Ambit Group. To accomplish this, Hoque holds a quarterly leadership meeting that allows Ambit’s executive managers to discuss all aspects of the business and set new objectives for growth. Hoque has also had the opportunity to lead the company through the implementation of a new, more efficient accounting system.

FUN FACT: “I was once featured in a commercial for facial cream, when I was three years old, in Bangladesh, the country where I was born.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Hoque says his dynamic with Ambit’s CEO has been a true asset to the company. “I love her ability to design new ideas on the fly, and take four or five different concepts and bring them together to storyboard a solution,” he says. “My approach is opposite: to take in information, go work through all the different contingencies and possible outcomes, and only then bake a solution.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: Creating a more transparent environment at Ambit has been top of mind for Hoque since he joined the team. Through Hoque’s quarterly meetings, he has opened Ambit’s financials to the entire executive team, and beyond. Moves like these, says Hoque, have provided valuable insight to employees and created tangible results.