Ten Mile Square Technologies, LLC

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Location: Washington, DC
Industry: Technology, professional services

Ten Mile Square Technologies, LLC

Alden Hart
Years in role: 17
Years at company: 10

INSPIRING THE TEAM: Under Alden Hart, CTO at Ten Mile Square Technologies, LLC, employees are inspired to deliver solutions that embody the company’s mission of providing the highest quality possible. To create this spirit of innovation, Hart works to stimulate the best part of each team member’s intellect and focuses on their strengths. Collaboration is also key, as is communication. Employees are constantly encouraged to discuss new ideas, and are given opportunities to explore new areas of interest.

FUN FACT:  “I was in a New Wave band in the 1980s. REM warmed up for us. They went to New York to play the clubs. My band didn’t. I ended up as a CTO. They didn’t.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Though technological possibilities are boundless, budget and time constraints can be restrictive and create challenges. But, to overcome those challenges, Hart and his team simply focus on finding the right solution that gets to the root cause of the client’s pain point. Hart also relies on the local technology community, as he serves on the board for the Washington Area CTO Roundtable.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: When it comes to relationships, Hart realizes that the most important one he can form is with the customer. “It’s really for our clients,” says Hart. Before technology even comes into the conversation, Hart focuses on how he can help clients, and what is causing an issue for them.