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Location: Washington, DC
Industry: Technology, professional services

TCG, Inc.

Judith A. Turner
VP of Employee Happiness
Years in role: 4
Years at company: 20

INSPIRING THE TEAM: As VP of employee happiness at TCG, Inc., Judith A. Turner considers each employee a member of her team. Turner sees herself as that team’s leader when it comes to achieving job satisfaction, and as a mentor capable of helping each individual reach their goals. On top of that, Turner says she isn’t just a leader or a team member, but also a friend. In her role, Turner inspires and guides employees by helping them better understand the company and their roles.

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Up until Turner’s current position was created at TCG, the company operated with the mentality that what was good for the business was good for its employees. She soon learned that this wasn’t always the case. Turner’s position was created to ensure employees would be represented in the decision-making process. “That meant figuring out how to better understand everyone’s needs and better meet them. And that meant getting to know people better,” says Turner. “So, that’s what I set out to do, and I believe I’ve been doing it.”

FUN FACT: “I am a competitive ballroom dancer.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: TCG’s CEO is also Turner’s son. Though he had to learn not to call Turner “Ma” in company meetings, the working relationship between the two has otherwise been a success. Over the years, Turner’s role within the company has shifted, and today she says she is “his right hand in conveying and evangelizing the company culture, which represents his vision.”