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Location: Washington, DC
Industry: Professional services

Prosource360 Consulting Services Inc.

Jon Moulthrop
Years in role: 2
Years at company: 2

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: As COO of Prosource360 Consulting Services Inc., Jon Moulthrop has had the opportunity to make a big impact on the company’s rapid and sustained growth. Moulthrop played an instrumental role in helping the company implement ISO 9001:2015. And now, as the company works toward a new certification, Moulthrop has helped ensure Prosource360’s processes and procedures run with absolute efficiency and quality. Each time the company kicks off a new project, Moulthrop is always there to help teams build strong momentum with customers.

FUN FACT: Moulthrop has done just about any job you can think of, from airplane mechanic to chief master sergeant in the Air Force.

STRONG CULTURE: Culture at Prosource360 starts from the top down, and Moulthrop works to exemplify values like quality, ethics and performance. Consistency has been key in maintaining a strong culture within the company, and Moulthrop ensures the same message reaches all team members through regular meetings.

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: In his role, Moulthrop faces the challenge of balancing high-level strategy with day-to-day tasks. To overcome this, he ensures all efforts align with the bigger picture, and uses the skills he honed in the military to get everyone on the same page. Through his efforts, Prosource360 has been able to orchestrate and execute each piece of the puzzle successfully.