K2M, Inc.

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Location: Leesburg, VA
Industry: Healthcare, manufacturing

K2M, Inc.

Lane Major
Chief Strategy Officer
Years in role: 2
Years at company: 13

INSPIRING THE TEAM: As a company focused on creating better ways to treat people with spinal conditions, K2M inspires passion within its employees. Chief strategy officer Lane Major has the special task of helping to keep K2M’s mission alive among those employees. “It is this mission and passion that is what gets me so excited each and every day, and hopefully that positively influences our unique and enthusiastic corporate culture,” says Major.

FUN FACT:  “My passion to learn a foreign language, the French language in particular, was reinforced when I began traveling to Lebanon with my wife, Sandy.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: “Without question, the toughest challenge I’ve had to face was in having to articulate our passion and belief in the company’s vision and future in the early days of the business, when that future was not so apparent,” says Major. Back then, the company had little cash, and job security was low. That’s where the company, and Major, learned the true value of transparency. Today, that value is still central to K2M’s culture.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: As co-founders of K2M, Major and his brother Eric, the company’s CEO, have been through it all. Along the way, the pair have developed more than 70 product lines, traveled the world and dealt with countless challenges. “I have an unparalleled level of respect for him as my brother and CEO, and this feeling has only strengthened over the years,” says Major.