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Location: Washington, DC
Industry: Professional services

JK Moving Services

Jon Theiss
VP/GM – Commercial Services
Years in role: 2
Years at company: 5.5

INSPIRING THE TEAM: Respect is the key ingredient in inspiring a team spirit among employees, says Jon Theiss, VP/GM of commercial services at JK Moving Services. Through his role, Theiss has become a confidant and coach to hundreds of employees and colleagues, not just within the company, but in the greater industry as well. By holding strongly to his core values, Theiss has been able to lead by example, demonstrating the qualities and behaviors that resonate with his team.

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: One of the greatest challenges Theiss has faced in his role is helping employees maintain a work-life balance. Employees throughout the company, from moving specialists to sales representatives to furniture installers, work tirelessly seven days a week, sometimes through the night. Theiss created a quality-of-life program to ensure employees would get the time they need to enjoy family and personal interests outside their career. What’s more, Theiss places great focus on health, compassion and safety.

FUN FACT: Theiss and his family make every effort to visit Hawaii each holiday season to spend time with relatives.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Theiss’ work is greatly admired by JK Moving’s CEO, who calls Theiss a “consummate professional.” Theiss works to speak up for himself, and the impact of decisions on his division and the company as a whole. By making the best interest of employees his top priority, Theiss has earned the respect of his CEO.