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Location: Greenbelt, MD
Industry: Professional and government services


Michael Kramer
VP of HR
Years in role: 16
Years at company: 4

INSPIRING THE TEAM: Michael Kramer, VP of HR at INNOVIM, LLC thinks of employees as clients, and aims to go above and beyond for them in every way possible. Kramer not only assists with day-to-day hiring and recruiting, but also works to improve life at the company for staff members. He is always there to help employees and their families make informed decisions about their healthcare, and takes an active role in encouraging employees to participate in wellness programs at INNOVIM.

FUN FACT:  “I began my working career as a news reporter with United Press International and other news outlets for 10 years, and then practiced as an employment attorney before moving into the HR world.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: During the last year, healthcare costs and expenses began rising significantly, and use of medical care became subject to significant rate increases. Kramer was instrumental in a review process that resulted in a reasonable health plan, with the addition of a health savings account. Kramer also initiated and participated in the selection of a new 401(k) plan.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Since joining the INNOVIM team, Kramer has formed a collaborative relationship with the company’s president, Cindi Brown. “I have worked with many HR leaders during the course of my [more than] 30 years working in this field. I have never met an HR leader as dedicated and genuinely concerned about the welfare of employees as Michael Kramer,” says Brown.