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Location: Alexandria, VA
Industry: Nonprofit

HR Certification Institute

Kerry S. Morgan
Years in role: 25
Years at company: 2

INSPIRING THE TEAM: “I think the biggest way I inspire my team members to be successful is by making sure they feel ownership of our shared vision for both the marketing department and the organization,” says Kerry S. Morgan, CMO at HR Certification Institute. Morgan says her leadership style is very hands-off, and she encourages employees to feel empowered to make their own decisions and accept accountability for them.

FUN FACT: “I love interior decorating, playing the piano, writing poems for special occasions and occasional blog posts. I’m even working on a book about life observations.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Morgan says her biggest challenge in her role has been shifting the entire organization into a more competitive mindset. HR Certification’s leadership team led a company-wide effort to help drive this change, and Morgan was the most vocal champion. “It was about imagining the future and solidifying that vision, and then encouraging each person to take ownership of the pieces they could help to evolve,” she says.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Morgan’s relationship with HR Certification’s CEO developed during a transitional period for the company, when it broke away from the trade organization that had provided it with resources. Morgan played a significant role in the change, and this created a lasting bond. “From the start, we’ve been very transparent with each other, and what has evolved is a relationship characterized by trust and ever deepening alignment,” she says.