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Location: Fairfax, VA
Industry: Technology and professional services

Highlight Technologies, LLC

Tracy Nguyen
Director of Finance and Accounting
Years in role: 5
Years at company: 1

GROWTH CHAMPION: In her short time with Highlight Technologies, LLC, Tracy Nguyen, the company’s director of finance and accounting, has had a palpable influence. Within just a year, Nguyen has worked to improve the company’s cash flow, help its revenue grow by 62 percent and double the number of employees. To do this, Nguyen converted Highlight’s financial system to a new platform, established a budget and provided the financial analysis that allowed the company to successfully acquire two businesses.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: The greatest strength of the relationship between Nguyen and Highlight’s CEO is trust. “I believe my strongest attributes are my comfort level at working with numbers and how they relate to the business,” says Nguyen. “The CEO is confident in my abilities and has the utmost trust in my decision making. This gives me the freedom to work independently and confidently.”

FUN FACT: “By the age of nine, I already knew how to plan the grocery budget so that I only bought whatever was needed for the daily meals, and saved the change to buy special treats for myself.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: In her role at Highlight, Nguyen was able to take the company from using a simplistic accounting software, to its current ERP system, which allows leaders to view project status and financials in real time. In addition, Nguyen implemented several new processes that ensure separation of duties and approval.