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Location: Fairfax, VA
Industry: Technology, professional services

Highlight Technologies, LLC

Jim Flynn
Years in role: 25
Years at company: 5

INSPIRING THE TEAM: Jim Flynn, EVP at Highlight Technologies, LLC, says his leadership style is to lead by example. Flynn maintains a positive “can-do” attitude when he is met with challenges, and then digs into the work to “create success,” even when he doesn’t have previous experience with the task. A self-proclaimed “people person,” Flynn enjoys sharing his knowledge, and doing what he can to help others do their jobs and grow their skill sets.

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: As Highlight has continued to grow, Flynn says new challenges are par for the course, whether it’s finding additional office space or meeting with new customers for the first time. To meet these evolving challenges, Flynn has targeted delegation as his primary strategy, tapping capable individuals and giving them a broader set of responsibilities. This has not only allowed the company to grow, but has also allowed individuals to experience personal growth.

FUN FACT: “While in the government, I negotiated the contract to repair the submarine periscope that was bent when it hit an iceberg.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: As one of only two employees at Highlight that report directly to the CEO, Flynn maintains frequent and open communication with company leadership. In fact, his primary reason for taking on the role of EVP was to free up the CEO to focus on growing the business. “I believe this change has significantly benefited her, as well as the company as a whole,” says Flynn.