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Location: Washington, DC
Industry: Professional and financial services


Foresight CFO

John Redmond
Years in role: 7
Years at company: 2

GROWTH CHAMPION: CFO John Redmond says his main contribution to Foresight CFO’s success has been building a system around his approach to small-business financial management. In doing so, Redmond has helped Foresight CFO serve clients better, by allowing them access to levels of analysis that were previously only available for larger companies. “We are able to serve a sector of the market that was inaccessible until now,” says Redmond. And, while Foresight CFO helps its clients, the company can rely on Redmond to continue developing and improving internal systems, as well.

FUN FACT: “Having grown up on a family farm, when I’m doodling, I design farm equipment.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: “I consider the CEOs I work with to ‘own’ the company and to be experts in their service area,” says Redmond. “My job is provide data to support (or oppose) the business instincts that got them where they are. It is important that they trust your work and your shared focus. When [CEOs have] current data to support and understand the market forces they face, they make good and confident decisions.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: Redmond recently initiated a new process at Foresight CFO called the Financial Health Check. The process provides companies with a snapshot of financial trends to help guide decision making. “My contribution has been to bring together elements from several analysis tools in a package that efficiently measures financial progress or concerns,” he says.