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Location: Silver Spring, MD
Industry: Nonprofit

Easter Seals Serving DC|MD|VA

Jonathan Horowitch
Years in role: 5
Years at company: 5

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: In his role as COO of Easter Seals Serving DC|MD|VA, Jonathan Horowitch focuses on helping the company achieve strategic growth, while also increasing its value and savings. To do this, Horowitch actively connects with other nonprofits, government agencies and defense leaders to build new programs. One such program is Little Warriors, which provides childcare for the children of wounded warriors. To help the organization remain financially strong, Horowitch instituted the use of an accounts-receivable management enhancement program and consolidated the processing of donations.

STRONG CULTURE: To create a strong culture at Easter Seals, Horowitch engaged staff members at all levels of the organization to define core values. The resulting values include respect, responsibility, integrity, innovation and care. These values are now consistently championed by the organization in all of its interactions. What’s more, Horowitch created an employee-recognition program to encourage exceptional customer service and innovation.

FUN FACT: “I became involved in Easter Seals as a board member, then became so engaged with the staff and participants that I left my corporate job to become a staff member.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: “I focus my day-today actions on aligning with our strategic agenda of enabling our participants and their families to be independent, be included and contribute to society,” says Horowitch. “I try to eliminate activites not in keeping with those goals.”