Dog Paws n Cat Claws Pet Care, Inc.

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Location: Bailey’s Crossroads, VA
Industry: Pet hospitality

Dog Paws n Cat Claws Pet Care, Inc.

Sara Quattlebaum
General Manager
Years in role: 4
Years at company: 11

INSPIRING THE TEAM: Under Dog Paws n Cat Claws Pet Care, Inc. (DPNCC) general manager Sara Quattlebaum, no employee or position goes unnoticed. “I take each and every role in my company seriously and strive to show each of my employees how important they are, and their roles are, to the success of the company as a whole,” she says. By showing each employee the value and power they have to contribute to the company’s success, Quattlebaum has been able to ensure they feel like a true and significant part of the team.

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: As a small and growing business, DPNCC is continuously evolving, and in some cases, that has meant creating processes and procedures from scratch. When that has been the case, Quattlebaum has tackled the challenge by dissecting services and customer needs, all while keeping the big picture in focus. Though this has proven challenging at times, Quattlebaum says the company has learned how to effectively break down a problem and make it easier to solve.

FUN FACT: “I love to plan wine-and-cheese nights with my ladies to show off everything I’ve learned from my many hours of watching cooking shows.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Quattlebaum jokes that her relationship with the company’s CEO is the longest relationship she’s ever had, and she says it is one of a kind. “I can say I have honestly found one of my life’s purposes working at DPNCC with Ryan [Fochler]. The environment that Ryan has created is so open, inviting and respectful that it makes me and my team feel like the possibilities are endless,” she says.