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Location: Reston, VA
Industry: Professional services

Collaborative Solutions LLC

Bob Maller
President and Chief Culture Officer
Years in role: 11
Years at company: 11

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: As Collaborative Solutions LLC has grown, the global finance and HR consulting company has focused on making sure employees across the world still feel like part of the same team. Though it has been a challenge for president and chief culture officer Bob Maller to balance culture with growth, he has accomplished this goal by prioritizing cultural fit in the hiring process. “Hiring employees whom we trust to instill our cultural values all over the globe allows us to maintain and enhance our award-winning culture,” says Maller.

FUN FACT: “Just before my senior year at Lehigh University, I had a near-fatal car accident. While it forced me to miss a semester of school, it helped put things in greater perspective.”

STRONG CULTURE: Maller also works hard to create an environment where employees not only feel valued, but also have room to grow. “In my experience, employees who feel valued will put more time and effort into their role, instead of just going through the motions,” says Maller. “I trust our employees to take the lead and run with their initiatives.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: Part of the success of Maller’s work at Collaborative Solutions has come from his relationship with the company’s CEO, Carroll Ross. “Over the years, I’ve been able to learn from Carroll and adapt and grow in my own role,” he says. “When it comes to our leadership styles, Carroll and I are a great balance for each other.”