Capitol Boiler Works

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Location: Springfield, VA
Industry: Construction

Capitol Boiler Works

Dwight Sheppard
Years in role: 7
Years at company: 18

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: Capitol Boiler Works president Dwight Sheppard has seen the company through its fastest period of growth. Much of this growth can be attributed to Sheppard’s vision for and commitment to strong leadership. Though the company’s core market has been shrinking, Sheppard plans to overcome this challenge by ensuring that Capitol Boiler Works is the premier choice for the services it offers.

STRONG CULTURE: The cornerstone of Sheppard’s leadership style is that he doesn’t micromanage. Instead, he gives people control, in the hopes of improving job satisfaction. Though Capitol Boiler Works has clear management structures and processes in place, the leadership trusts its employees’ skills, and lets them handle their tasks. What’s more, the company gives opportunities to potential employees who may not have college degrees, and even goes so far as to help pay for them to complete degrees during their employment.

FUN FACT: “I served in the Navy during Operation Desert Shield. This was the preparation phase of Operation Desert Storm. I was stationed on the USS Nassau.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: Sheppard considers Capitol Boiler Works’ CEO to be a mentor. Sheppard started as a customer, became a friend and later became an employee. The two balance each other out in ways that greatly benefit the company. While Sheppard brings technical skills, his CEO brings business acumen. “Without him, I would not have reached the level within the company I have reached today,” says Sheppard.