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Location: Alexandria, VA
Industry: Professional services


Laura C. Weil
Years in role: 2
Years at company: 12

INSPIRING THE TEAM: As VP of HR at CALIBRE, Laura C. Weil inspires her team members to be successful by giving them her full support, and by allowing them to accomplish things in their own way. Empowerment is an important tool when it comes to engaging team members, and Weil is quick to recognize the value in employees at all levels. “I believe that the best idea wins, no matter who proposes the idea,” says Weil.

FUN FACT: “Before joining CALIBRE, I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue in HR as my career, so I became a makeup artist.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: In her role at CALIBRE, Weil has had to learn to balance the demands of the government services industry, while remaining both legally compliant and competitive. Weil had to rethink the organizational structure of the HR department at CALIBRE, find new ways to provide benefits and seek out different types of employees. “I’ve had to be open to new and different ideas,” says Weil. “The ‘old’ employee model doesn’t work anymore, and I had to realize that, accept it and then create a path forward for the company.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Weil says her relationship with CALIBRE’s CEO is a true partnership, guided by one of the company’s most important objectives: taking care of employees. “Because he understands the importance of HR in our company, I am included in major and minor decisions concerning our employees and the future of the company,” says Weil.