Bart & Associates, Inc.

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Location: McLean, VA
Industry: Professional services

Bart & Associates, Inc.

Jonathan Evans
President and VP of Service Delivery
Years in role: 12
Years at company: 7

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: In 2015, Bart & Associates, Inc. lost a contract it had held for more than a decade, which represented more than 60 percent of the company’s profitability. President and VP of service delivery Jonathan Evans says the company overcame the challenge by planning strategically, making use of resources and becoming more lean. “As a result, we were able to reorganize the company, streamline our operations and make investments to improve the way we do business,” says Evans. “The structure we now have in place provides us the flexibility and scalability to continue to grow and compete as a mid-sized business.”

FUN FACT: “I was an assistant tennis pro at a country club when I was in high school and [during my] first year of college.”

STRONG CULTURE: “I am a hands-on leader,” says Evans. “I try to inspire team members to be successful by rolling up my sleeves and getting involved with them, whether it is late nights or weekend work on a proposal, or sitting through an ISO/CMMI assessment.” Evans also helps build culture at Bart & Associates by making himself available to employees 24/7. “We share the joys of success and frustration of failure together. I also like to make sure we take time to celebrate.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: Since joining the executive team, Evans says he has been able to make an impact, both in terms of the company’s overall success and on an individual level with employees. He not only leads, but also provides an ear to listen or even a shoulder to cry on.