Aretec, Inc.

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Location: Fairfax, VA
Industry: Technology

Aretec, Inc.

Roby Luna
Years in role: 4
Years at company: 4

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: Faced with unpredictable external factors such as the economic environment, cuts in federal spending and sequestration, Roby Luna, president of Aretec, Inc., has worked to make sure his company is able to stay ahead of trends and turn challenges into opportunities. In early 2016, Luna held a strategy management session, resulting in a strategic plan that ultimately helped the company drive value. In just seven months, the company was awarded a five-year, blanket purchase agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission to develop Big Data software solutions.

STRONG CULTURE: Luna believes in delegating authority and empowering employees to be creative thinkers. “My leadership style is predicated on mentoring the executive, management and project delivery team at Aretec so that as the company grows, so does every member of the team,” he says. Luna holds quarterly “Pulse Check” lunches with all employees to give them an update on the health of the company and get feedback from them.

FUN FACT: “I’m an avid baseball fan who only became president of Aretec after realizing I had no chance at making it to the MLB.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: When Aretec was first acquired by Luna and his partner, it lacked a formal organizational structure. Luna helped implement a more balanced and disciplined management approach that has allowed the company to achieve its goals. According to Luna, this new structure provides flexibility, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and properly allocated executive workload.