AOC Solutions Inc.

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Location: Chantilly, VA
Industry: Technology, financial services

AOC Solutions Inc.

Todd King
Chief Product Officer
Years in role: 6
Years at company: 6

INSPIRING THE TEAM: Todd King, chief product officer at AOC Solutions Inc., focuses on six main themes to inspire his team members: living the values, communicating openly, being trustworthy, focusing on the customer, developing others and building relationships. These ideals guide King’s work, and allow him to lead by example and continuously focus on doing the right thing.

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: When King first started at AOC, the company was growing from a small business to a mid-sized one, which came with some shifts in the leadership’s focus. King helped the team modify processes to overcome growing pains, and even worked to reorganize teams to better position the company to handle growth. “Once the impacted teams could see the benefits, the changes were quickly embraced and implemented,” says King.

FUN FACT: “I was a ‘military brat’ and was fortunate to get to live in some very exciting and diverse locations, such as Germany, Alaska, Texas [and] Florida.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: King joined AOC with the goal of acting as a change agent for the company, and this was initially met with some caution from the CEO. But over the course of the last six years, AOC’s CEO has become a champion of King’s ideas. “To get to this level with anyone, you have to invest time and develop a close working relationship — to the point where you can almost complete each other’s thoughts. And I’m thankful to say that’s where I am today with our CEO,” he says.