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Location: North Bethesda, MD
Industry: Nonprofit

American Society of Addiction Medicine

Carolyn C. Lanham, CAE
Years in role: 4.5
Years at company: 4.5

OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCIES: When American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) COO Carolyn C. Lanham realized the nonprofit’s association management system was no longer fulfilling the organization’s needs, she led an effort to implement a new system. Lanham convened a team with representatives from different functional areas, which was able to implement a new strategy that streamlined processes, removed redundancies and is more efficient. What’s more, Lanham was instrumental in helping ASAM sell its headquarters in favor of a larger space. 

STRONG CULTURE: Under Lanham’s leadership, ASAM’s culture has become more team- and results-oriented. The organization’s staff has increased from 17 to 29 in five years, due to a focus on retention. Lanham implemented weekly senior team meetings, restructured bi-weekly staff meetings and organized monthly get-togethers to celebrate team successes.

FUN FACT: “I did not graduate from college. I was fortunate enough to be groomed by several mentors throughout my career and given opportunities to continually take on new challenges.”

DAY-TO-DAY BALANCE: Lanham cannot achieve balance in her role without the support of her team. That’s why each staff member has written goals with specific initiatives. These goals help employees support ASAM’s objectives. And, most importantly, ASAM reaffirms its strategic goals and objectives each year.