AINS, Inc.

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Location: Gaithersburg, MD
Industry: Technology

AINS, Inc.

Dave Hagen
Years in role: 20
Years at company: 1.5

INSPIRING THE TEAM: For Dave Hagen, CMO at AINS, Inc., inspiring team members starts with providing opportunities for them to identify and cultivate their individual strengths through avenues like professional development. Weekly check-ins allow Hagen to maintain close relationships with his entire team, with the ultimate goal of staying true to his leadership philosophy, which centers on professional growth.

FUN FACT: “My first job out of college was with a minor-league baseball team, where I was responsible for public relations. When the mascot didn’t show up, one of my responsibilities was to fill in.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: At this point in its history, AINS is experiencing rapid growth and revenue spikes. Of course, this has resulted in many changes, and Hagen has faced the challenge of figuring out how to support that growth. Hagen’s plan is to help AINS build a strong foundation that will support long-term success. To do this, Hagen is focused on putting the right people, tools and information in place to help the company deliver on its products and services.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Hagen’s relationship with AINS’ CEO has proven to be an important asset. The two have developed a trusting, professional partnership that continues to evolve over time. Hagen’s role at AINS is to continuously implement the CEO’s strategic vision in the marketing department.