Zivtech, LLC

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Technology

Zivtech, LLC

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
Co-founder and CEO


Zivtech, LLC focuses on helping businesses leverage the power of open-source software. The company works with clients that range all the way from Fortune 500 giants to small nonprofits, offering a variety of services like architecture, design, training, building, supporting and hosting. Zivtech has been able to capitalize on the increasing adoption of open-source software to land large clients like Johnson & Johnson and the University of Pennsylvania, among others. What’s more, the company’s work is not industry-specific, so Zivtech employees have done everything from building products to redoing internal business processes. But for co-founder and CEO Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg, Zivtech’s success is “all all about the people you work with and who you work for, and trying to ensure that everyone feels they’re finding personal success through your relationship,” he says.

Quick Tip: “I think one of the best things a leader can do is … be a calming influence when [people are] stressed.”

Even in the face of rapid growth, Zivtech has run into challenges, like making sure cash flow is there at every step of growth. For a small business, this can be an especially tough storm to weather, and Urevick-Ackelsberg says that at times, it didn’t seem like the company would work out. Still, Zivtech has seen significant growth, and Urevick-Ackelsberg hopes to continue on that path into the future. The company plans to raise its percentage of recurring software revenue and increase its staff to 100 employees. Though Urevick-Ackelsberg points out that these goals might feel unrealistic, “I think unrealistic goals are how you get places,” he says.