Wodify Technologies, LLC

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Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Founded: 2012
Industry: Technology

Wodify Technologies, LLC

Ameet Shah


Wodify Technologies, LLC can rival some of the largest companies in Silicon Valley, says CEO Ameet Shah. Employees of the company enjoy a perk-filled environment, stocked with snacks, an in-house barbershop, a CrossFit gym that is free to employees and a six-tap kegerator. But Wodify isn’t just about the perks. Instead, the company is focused on making sure its product, a performance tracking software for CrossFit gym owners, coaches and athletes, is serving clients in the most effective way possible. Today, the software can be accessed from any device, and while an athlete tracks his or her performance, a gym owner can be managing memberships, selling gear and building community, says Shah.

Quick Tip: “To engender respect as a leader is to work at least as long and hard as your employees.”

At the heart of Wodify’s success are its employees, says Shah. To ensure that the best and brightest find their way to the tech company — despite its location’s notable distance from Silicon Valley — Wodify ensures they are well taken care of. The company has also managed to keep commission out of the mix when it comes to compensating its sales team. Shah says this allows the team to focus on doing the right thing for customers, rather than just trying to close another deal. Wodify plans on continuing its growth trajectory into the future, building new features for its app and diversifying product offerings. As a company made up of CrossFit athletes, Wodify prides itself on being in the know when it comes to the needs of the CrossFit community.