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Location: Wyomissing, PA
Founded: 1999
Industry: Healthcare logistics

4-Time Winner


Carl (CJ) Joyner

Ira Tauber


TRIOSE’s vision is to make a substantial difference in healthcare by providing innovative products and services in logistics management. This vision has been one of the company’s key growth factors. It’s one that employees at TRIOSE believe in, which in turn pushes them to be their best selves. CEO Carl (CJ) Joyner and president Ira Tauber ensure that all team members know their work helps TRIOSE do the best for its clients and the healthcare industry at large. At the same time, Joyner and Tauber believe that this commitment to the vision brings a much-needed focus on business practices to the healthcare arena.

Quick Tip: “You must be nimble and adapt in today’s business, with the technology, communication [and] competition.”

In 2009, TRIOSE faced its biggest challenge yet: an unprecedented downturn in the healthcare market. Hospitals were forced to halt renovation projects and growth, and some stopped paying their vendors on time. To lead TRIOSE through this difficult time, Joyner and Tauber evaluated critical decisions and focused on transforming TRIOSE into a lean and efficient organization. Another important part of TRIOSE’s growth plan is its ability to be ready and shift to deal with market conditions. The company has big plans for the future, and plans to achieve them through organic growth, but also through acquisitions.