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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2006
Industry: Ecommerce

3-Time Winner

Trinity Insight

Craig Smith
Founder and CEO


During the 2008 recession, Trinity Insight unexpectedly lost its largest client. The company, which helps brands grow digital profits, lost approximately 25 percent of its overall revenue base in one fell swoop. Nevertheless, Trinity Insight survived without cutting any jobs, thanks to founder and CEO Craig Smith’s approach to risk. “Of course, the business wants to have its foot on the gas as fast as possible within periods of hyper-growth, but it has always been my perspective as the leader of the company to make sequential investments in a manner that reduces our risk,” he says. By following this approach, Smith has been able to insulate the business from catastrophic developments.

Quick Tip: “Prepare your mind for unforeseen obstacles and have plans in place to deal before they happen.”

Smith founded Trinity after he noticed a missed opportunity on the part of other companies in the industry. He says these other companies were lacking the vision and understanding to fully embrace digital optimization methodologies as a driver of website growth. This gap is the one Trinity was built to fill. Smith attributes the company’s success to its ability to remain agile in relation to new technologies, and its commitment to being more innovative than its competitors. To that end, Trinity takes the pulse of the industry daily, keeping up with technological developments and testing their capabilities. In the next five to 10 years, Trinity plans to transition into full commerce-system integration services. Smith is also focusing on the impact of AI and bots.