Therapy Source, Inc.

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Location: Plymouth Meeting, PA
Founded: 2001
Industry: Staffing and recruiting

Therapy Source, Inc.

Joshua Cartagenova
Co-owner and CEO


Therapy Source, Inc. provides staffing fulfillment and solutions to more than 500 public, charter and cyber schools across 39 states. Therapy Source’s subject matter experts provide crucial services both in-person and online, like speech therapy, physical therapy and special education. Co-owner and CEO Joshua Cartagenova says the marketplace has allowed Therapy Source to thrive, thanks in large part to increased government support for charter schools. With more of these schools starting up nationwide, Therapy Source has been able to quickly establish its services with new customers. As demand has grown, so too has Therapy Source’s supply of subject matter experts and use of technology.

Quick Tip: “It’s important to inspire others, motivate your employees, and gain their willing and enthusiastic cooperation in working with the company to drive results.”

As Therapy Source has brought in more employees, it has learned the importance of a strong hiring process. Recently, the company bulked up its hiring efforts by lengthening the process and expanding employee testing to ensure that the right people are joining the team. “We know that we need to hire the right people internally to keep up with the demand for therapy services,” says Cartagenova. Additionally, the company has worked on improving communication, both internal and external, to set clear expectations and overcome challenges.