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Location: King of Prussia, PA
Founded: 2006
Industry: Construction

5-Time Winner

The Dagit Group

Timothy F. Dagit


The Dagit Group is a commercial construction firm focused on fast-track retail and restaurant projects. The company’s initial success came in the home-building industry. Unfortunately, when the recession hit, that market dried up, leaving The Dagit Group in need of a new direction. The company evolved from a project or development owner into a professional-service construction company. “We decided to specialize in the very difficult and highly technical construction jobs that need to be done in record time, within a budget, to utilize the skills we refined in the home-building industry,” says president Timothy F. Dagit.

Quick Tip: “People bigger, smarter and more successful than you will gladly help you through tough growth moments if you just ask.”

Still reeling from the effects of the recession, The Dagit Group placed its focus on recession-proof clients like quick-serve restaurant chains, retail stores and medical facilities. Today, the company works with businesses that need to rebuild, refit and remodel, all while remaining open for business through the construction. The Dagit Group has made this strategy for growth successful by creating a strong, focused team. “They share in my vision, which creates excitement and gives a sense of purpose to all activity,” Dagit says. That faith in his team has allowed him to delegate his management duties and take on more of a leadership role.