Streamline Solutions, LLC

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2008
Industry: Real estate

2-Time Winner

Streamline Solutions, LLC

Sean Schellenger
President and CEO


When Streamline Solutions, LLC was founded in 2008, its mission was to make the world a better place and make lots of money doing it, says president and CEO Sean Schellenger. Since then, the real-estate development firm has experienced tremendous growth by staying true to its name. In the interest of streamlining its business, the company has done two things: committed to horizontal integration and created standard operating procedures (SOPs). By performing its own acquisition, development, construction and sales, the company is able to work more efficiently at a lower cost. What’s more, Streamline’s SOPs have standardized each task for each position.

Quick Tip: “Accountability is important, as is creating a positive work environment and giving back to the communities we are developing in.”

In addition to its SOPs and horizontal integration, Streamline has found success by making strategic and careful partnerships and decisions. “When you make a decision to take on new business partnerships, they will either help you grow or potentially harm the business. The lesson is to surround yourself with the best people, who are intelligent, hardworking, credible, and have integrity, good morals and values,” says Schellenger. He hopes to take this strategy into the future, as the company is excited to take on the development of new communities throughout the nation. Over the next five to 10 years, Streamline Solutions plans to craft a synergistic development process that can be duplicated in emerging cities.