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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1919
Industry: Experiential marketing


Scott Tarte


“Sparks creates powerful experiences for the world’s most iconic brands,” says CEO Scott Tarte. The company’s core services include everything it takes to execute an experiential marketing campaign like a showcase or press event, from strategizing and creative to fabrication and event production. Over the years, the company has experienced significant growth, and Tarte says the driving factor has been Sparks’ ability to attract and retain the right talent. “Great employees don’t just fall into your lap; you need to make the company an enjoyable place to work. That includes providing the right tools and responsibilities to employees,” says Tarte. At Sparks, this means employees are constantly challenged to go beyond the words on their job description, and have the freedom and support to “be exceptional,” says Tarte.

Quick Tip: “I come to work every single day with the goal of making incremental improvements to our services, the happiness of our employees and the good of our community.”

When Sparks was a small company, senior executives were able to have their hands on critical decisions and actively fostered the most vital relationships, but as the company grew, Tarte realized that model wasn’t scalable. To adjust to the change, Tarte adopted a new approach: “As we have grown, our goal has been to hire people who are fundamentally more skilled and adept than we are. Everyone at Sparks is better at their job than I could ever be.” This strategy has proven successful for Sparks.