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Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Founded: 2000
Industry: Professional services


Kendley Davenport


Source4Teachers partners with school districts to manage their substitute, long-term and permanent staffing needs. The company has more than 250 clients in nine different states, and has earned 97 percent client retention, with some client relationships lasting 16 years. The company works to recruit, hire, train, place and manage candidates to ensure that its school districts have the staff they need, when they need it. CEO Kendley Davenport says that for Source4Teachers, status quo simply does not exist. “We routinely challenge history and conventional thinking to develop the optimal approach to even the most ordinary of tasks,” says Davenport. As part of that, Source4Teachers embraces constant improvement. In fact, over the last year, the company has adopted several new technologies to help it perform faster, better and with fewer blind spots.

Quick Tip: “Give yourself the necessary lead time to be operationally sound.”

Because Source4Teachers grew so rapidly, it was met with some challenges. Davenport says the company outgrew systems or approaches that worked in a smaller company, but couldn’t keep up with future demand. The solution came down to planning and communication. “Sharing with clients that there is going to soon be a new approach to something can be met with resistance, [so] allowing enough time for questions to be answered and clearly demonstrating how the changes will ultimately be beneficial, is critical,” says Davenport.