Saturn Infotech Inc.

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Location: North Wales, PA
Founded: 2006
Industry: Banking, insurance, financial services and media

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Saturn Infotech Inc.

Steve Vibhute


Saturn Infotech Inc. is a niche Oracle partner company that is focused on delivering technology services, including Big Data, business intelligence, financial budgeting and planning, and reporting. Its founding vision was to become a technology leader, and as one of the biggest Hyperion and BI consulting companies in North America, it has done just that. CEO Steve Vibhute says his previous work with Big Five consulting companies revealed a vacuum in the industry for niche companies. Taking advantage of this vacuum has been the company’s key to success so far. “Saturn Infotech is a boutique firm, specializing in certain areas of services that provide value to customers by identifying and addressing their pain points,” says Vibhute.

Quick Tip: “Success is dependent on teams that are consistent, talented, trust each other and learn from their failures.”

Though Saturn Infotech is on a steady growth trajectory, like many other technology companies, it faces the challenge of finding the right talent. Instead of focusing too heavily on specific skills, Saturn Infotech is dedicated to searching for bright candidates with excellent academics and domain expertise. “To overcome the shortage of skills, we have great in-house training programs for our employees. We also partner with Oracle to get our employees trained on the latest technologies,” says Vibhute. Once employees are deemed a good fit, the company works to build them up, encouraging entrepreneurship and development.