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Location: King of Prussia, PA
Founded: 2007
Industry: Technology

5-Time Winner

QuadGen Wireless Solutions

Mallik Vagvala


When QuadGen Wireless Solutions CEO Mallik Vagvala started his business, he already had 20 years of experience in the industry, working for some of the largest companies. He founded QuadGen as an answer to the problems he saw regularly at those companies. “They were slow to respond to the customer’s needs, and instead of enabling the customer’s success, they were a roadblock. I saw an opportunity to provide excellent service with quick response time at reasonable rates, and we have been rewarded by becoming a trusted service provider,” he says. To ensure the highest quality of service, QuadGen hires the most highly skilled engineers, and is dedicated to learning new technologies and expanding its skill set.

Quick Tip: “Execute on creative ways to evolve your existing business, while identifying new open spaces to fuel growth for the company.”

As a small company working to break into the national tier-one telecommunications market, it was hard for QuadGen to get noticed because many of the competitors are much larger companies. That’s why Vagvala made the decision to become TL9000 certified. He says this move has been one of the key contributors to the company’s success. “Everyone in the company knows our quality expectations, and this gives us a guideline for continuous improvement, as well as peace of mind that we have a formal process that exists to tackle any issue,” says Vagvala.