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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2012
Industry: Manufacturing

Pop! Promos

Erin Reilly
Founder and CEO


“Pop! Promos is a small company with corporate dreams. This is the mentality we’ve established since day one and it has truly worked out in our favor,” says founder and CEO Erin Reilly. The company supplies promotional products and works directly with distributors to deliver custom products to clients. Pop! Promos takes a unique approach to the promotional products industry, in which the standard practice is to have each piece of an order run by a different department. At Pop! Promos, clients work with just one person for all their needs. The company takes innovation seriously in its products as well, focusing on pushing envelopes and raising expectations. “When clients receive their order, we expect them to be so impressed by the uniqueness of it that they begin to expect more from their promotional products,” says Reilly.

Quick Tip: “Start with the assumption that the best way to do something is not the way it’s being done right now.” Aaron Levie

Pop! Promos has almost doubled in size each year, and this has made company morale a high priority. Each week, the team gets together to share progress and goals, opening up lines of communication between departments. Since Pop! Promos’ founding, Reilly has focused on corporate culture, aiming to create a young, driven team that works together to accomplish a common goal. “Having a core goal and focus for our company empowers each and every member of our staff with the ability to take charge of their position and grow in their careers,” says Reilly.