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Location: Moorestown, NJ
Founded: 2001
Industry: Technology

7-Time Winner


Anthony W. Mongeluzo
President and CEO


When PCS was founded in 2001, president and CEO Anthony W. Mongeluzo wanted any business in need of IT help to think of his company first. What started out as a local firm providing complete IT services to businesses of every variety is now a regional player serving clients in four states. In the next five to 10 years, Mongeluzo says PCS will, without a doubt, become a national firm, continuing its expansion throughout the East Coast first. Though growth brings added scrutiny and challenges, including protecting intellectual property and becoming a greater target for legal issues, Mongeluzo is confident in PCS’ growth strategy.

Quick Tip: “Focus on providing excellent service and a world-class experience, and the opportunities will follow.”

Mongeluzo says passion is the key to countering any issues that stand in the way of PCS’ growth. “PCS grew because of referrals and because of the way we … treat our clients as a family. Passion is contagious and our clients are passionate about referring us, which is why we continue to grow,” says Mongeluzo. What’s more, the company works to stand out in the market by approaching all aspects of business in a different way. “We pick up the phones differently, we act differently and we are not following the rules of IT,” says Mongeluzo. “We are changing the industry standard for service and support.”