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Location: Broomall, PA
Founded: 2006
Industry: Professional or financial services

2-Time Winner

Partner’s Consulting

Peggy Gionta


Partner’s Consulting specializes in IT recruitment. President Peggy Gionta founded the company in response to a problem she saw in the industry: Many recruitment firms were operating as little more than “body shops,” grabbing high volumes of resumes from the internet and sending them to clients without a clear understanding of the candidates’ qualifications or the company’s needs. “I designed my business to be a true connector — treating people as people and matching candidates with ideal positions that actually meet their career objectives,” she says. In an industry severely lacking in interpersonal relationships, Gionta was able to easily identify a niche for Partner’s Consulting.

Quick Tip: “People do care when they’re treated like people and not machines.”

Partner’s Consulting has built its expertise, and stays true to it by turning away business that deviates from it. This ensures that the company is always operating at its best. The second factor that helps Partner’s Consulting overcome challenges and push forward on its road to growth is its partnership-based philosophy. “Because technology is always developing and constantly changing, we rely heavily on building and maintaining relationships and partnerships with our consultants, and using those relationships to garner critical information about our clients,” says Gionta. With a decade just recently under its belt, Partner’s Consulting is excited about what the next 10 years could hold. Most importantly though, Gionta is focused on continuing to build a strong company and brand that is know for partnership at every level.