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Location: Marlton, NJ
Founded: 2007
Industry: Telecommunications

OpDecision LLC

Drew Polin


Over the past four years, OpDecision LLC has experienced significant growth, generating 300 percent revenue growth and 300 percent growth in staff. The company helps its clients reduce and manage corporate and institutional wireless costs. In addition to acquiring full ownership of OpDecision, president Drew Polin brought on a business partner to serve as the company’s dedicated CFO and COO. Polin says this strategic move has helped the company prosper by bringing financial and operational expertise in-house. It has also increased OpDecision’s scalability and efficiency, ultimately helping to facilitate fast growth.

Quick Tip: “Coming up with a great idea, ensuring you have the right team in place to bring that idea to life, with great communication throughout, will ensure that idea is executed.”

The strategic hire came at a pivotal time, as OpDecision’s leadership faced the challenge of delegating work and scaling the company to match its growth. Though it was initially hard for Polin to let go of some important tasks, he was able to rely on his team to help propel the company forward. “This challenge was overcome by identifying the core strengths of everyone on the OpDecision team, trusting in their skills and capitalizing on them,” says Polin. With the right systems and the right team in place, Polin hopes to see OpDecision continue to grow at the quick pace it has so far. To facilitate this, the company plans to integrate enhanced technology into its services, offering more in-depth solutions to clients.