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Location: Newtown Square, PA
Founded: 2000
Industry: Home security

3-Time Winner

My Alarm Center

Amy Kothari
President and CEO


My Alarm Center helps support small to mid-sized businesses in the electronic security industry. Companies are able to unlock the value of their subscriber accounts by selling them to My Alarm Center, but have the option to retain relationships with the customers. In doing so, these smaller companies gain an important partner, says Amy Kothari, president and CEO of My Alarm Center. “By constructing deals that are mutually beneficial, … we have been able to complete acquisitions that other buyers may not have been able to complete because the sellers need a partner, not just a buyer,” she adds. This unique business model has been My Alarm Center’s competitive edge when it comes to growth.

Quick Tip: “Develop your strategy long-term, but be nimble and flexible enough to pivot when you see theneed due to market demands [and] competition.”

When Kothari first took on the role of president and CEO, running a company in a predominantly male industry was not something she knew much about, but she was eager to excel. “At the time, it didn’t feel scary because the challenge was exciting to me,” she says. Looking back, it was the doubt of her peers that drove her to work harder. “I stepped into the role of CEO of a company that made its money by acquiring companies run by these men, many of whom had a clear … belief that, as a young woman, I was not capable of growing the business. Their lack of belief in my capabilities fueled my hard work,” she adds.