Metropolitan Acoustics, LLC

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 1990
Industry: Professional services

2-Time Winner

Metropolitan Acoustics, LLC

Felicia Doggett


Metropolitan Acoustics, LLC is an acoustical, audio/visual and vibration-monitoring consulting firm. The company, founded in 1990, has consulted on more than 2,200 projects, with services including interior-room acoustics design, sound-masking system design, environmental noise studies and even expert witness testimony. The founding vision for Metropolitan Acoustics was to provide high-quality services in an approachable, practical manner. “We wanted to be a company that people feel comfortable working with, while providing the best possible services. We will turn away work if we feel we cannot provide a quality product in the given timeframe, or if we feel another company can do it better,” says president Felicia Doggett.

Quick Tip: “Hire the right people, let go of the wrong ones [and] manage the ones you have.”

Metropolitan Acoustics’ commitment to excellence carries through into its hiring practices as well. One of the biggest challenges to growth has been maintaining quality, and getting the right people on board has been key. “You cannot forsake quality and customer relations for growth,” says Doggett. Over the last year, Doggett has transformed her vision for the future of the company. Metropolitan Acoustics used to focus on adding services to make the company more inclusive, but now, based on industry trends, Doggett has decided the company will emphasize its core strengths and build on its successes.