MetaSense Inc.

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Location: West Berlin, NJ
Founded: 1999
Industry: Technology

MetaSense Inc.

Jatin V. Mehta, Ph.D.


MetaSense Inc. provides staffing solutions to the healthcare, IT and government sectors. “As more businesses small and large find they need qualified IT support, MetaSense has been able to use its experience to fill the needs of our clients,” says CEO Jatin V. Mehta. The company’s digital marketing side helps clients in other ways, connecting them with customers to grow their businesses online. Over the next five years, MetaSense hopes to grow its staff, its office and its portfolio. All of this is in service of the company’s mission to make technology accessible for clients. “From day one, we have envisioned taking our philosophy, ‘MetaSense makes sense of the internet,’ and bringing it to companies that need to understand,” says Mehta.

Quick Tip: “A great leader merges vision and purpose together seamlessly.”

Even though growth is on the radar for MetaSense’s future, Mehta says such growth can cause a few challenges, like striking a balance between the growing needs of more and more projects, and the level of service the company expects. “We overcome these challenges by keeping the philosophy of being the best at the forefront, and by creating a system in the first place that was built to scale,” says Mehta. “From the start, we knew we would have to face this challenge. But we also knew that to be the leader we felt we were going to become, we had to maintain quality.”