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Location: Blue Bell, PA
Founded: 2005
Industry: Talent acquisition

McGrath Systems

Mike Wiley


In 2013, McGrath Systems revisited its own model to better support business operations and customers’ needs. As part of this process, CEO Mike Wiley decided to outsource a large piece of McGrath’s operations to a staffing and payroll company. This major change allowed the company to increase its margin percentage, and reinvest in its delivery and sales teams. In addition, McGrath, a talent-acquisition company, found that many customers were searching for a budget-conscious solution to help them find talent, and so McGrath created one. The new service, called Direct Source, allows customers to increase their control over spending initiatives, helping them finance the cost of their direct hires over time.

Quick Tip: “You can’t respect someone you are unsure of. It erodes any level of trust you are trying to build with your team and vice versa.”

McGrath is working on filling more than 800 positions in just 90 days. This kind of workload brings about the challenge of finding the right employees to manage it, says Wiley. “It is a balance between the amount of time you spend training new hires and how imperative it is for them to begin making an impact,” says Wiley. Even though he predicts an economic downturn in the coming years, he plans to position McGrath to weather the storm by continuously updating its model and revisiting how it delivers services.