Labor First, LLC

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Location: Mount Laurel, NJ
Founded: 2005
Industry: Healthcare

Labor First, LLC

John P. Dulczak
Chairman and Chief Officer


Labor First, LLC is a health exchange working with post-retirement union healthcare benefits. Chairman and chief officer John P. Dulczak says rising healthcare costs and a growing number of baby boomers retiring have led to a challenging economic situation for those Labor First serves. As a result, there have been struggles to supply promised healthcare coverage to retired participants. Since its inception, Labor First has worked with clients to safeguard healthcare for the next generation of retirees, and it has more than 60,000 enrolled participants across the country. Members are provided with a team of advocates to improve the retirement experience. These advocates are there to answer questions and help members navigate the complexities of Medicare.

Quick Tip: “Even if there is a possibility that the wrong decision is being made, nothing is worse than making no decision at all.”

As Labor First continues to experience growth, it has worked to ensure that participants receive the same level of service and advocacy as they did when the company operated on a smaller level. “We have always been available day or night, on a first-name basis for our members,” says Dulczak. “We were very conscious of our service level as we took on a larger member base. We made sure we had the infrastructure, internal employees and tools necessary to provide our exceptional service standards before expanding our book of business.”