Keystone Fire Protection Co.

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Location: North Wales, PA
Founded: 1956
Industry: Fire protection

5-Time Winner

Keystone Fire Protection Co.

John M. Lawlor


The Keystone Fire Protection Co. legacy started with president John M. Lawlor’s father, a pioneer of modern-day fire protection. When Lawlor’s father started the company in 1956, his mission was life safety. Today, Keystone is a fire protection and life safety company that designs, installs, services and inspects fire-protection systems. One of the keys to the company’s success has been partnering with fellow CEOs. These invaluable business relationships have helped Keystone with marketing, recruiting, training and developing strategies for the future. “When you spend time getting to know each other’s business, commonalities emerge and synergies develop,” Lawlor says.

Quick Tip: “You’re only as good as the people you hire.” Ray Kroc

Keystone has placed a premium on maintaining quality as the company grows. Lawlor and his team changed the company’s internal structure to facilitate increased communication and ensure that customer needs remain in the forefront of employees’ minds. Early on, Lawlor set out to define the Keystone brand, and this has helped the company consistently deliver on its brand promise. “We set out to clearly define who we are — not what our logo looks like, not what our tagline is, but what we want to be in the minds of all our customers and future customers,” he says. Now, Keystone is looking toward a future that includes expanding its geographic footprint into the Lehigh Valley, using technology to revolutionize processes and procedures, and expanding its range of services through its acquisition of Marco Protection Systems.