Kelman and Magliari Advisory Group

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Location: Conshohocken, PA
Founded: 2000
Industry: Professional services

Kelman and Magliari Advisory Group

Massimo A.V. Magliari
Private Wealth Advisor and Managing Partner


Kelman and Magliari Advisory Group is a financial planning firm that works with clients on everything from developing a financial plan to working on asset management and insurance needs. The company started as a one-man shop, and has grown organically through referrals from clients and other professionals. Private wealth advisor and managing partner Massimo A.V. Magliari says what sets the firm apart is its holistic approach to clients’ financial needs. Kelman and Magliari Advisory Group serves as a client’s personal CFO in many cases, and the firm even offers a financial wellness program in corporate settings to help clients’ employees with their financial needs.

Quick Tip: “Never lose sight of what has gotten you to this point.”

Kelman and Magliari Advisory Group has faced a common challenge among growing companies: capacity. To ensure that the firm is managing its growth well, company leaders keep lines of communication open with employees. “We do a lot of checking in with our staff about how they feel their week is going,” says Magliari. As the company continues to grow, it hopes to bring in a higher level of expertise, potentially adding a CPA or an attorney to its staff. “I’d really love to just walk next door and to the next office and say, here is the situation that I am dealing with, let’s figure out what this tax ramification would be,” says Magliari.