JK Environmental Services, LLC

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Location: Conshohocken, PA
Founded: 2010
Industry: Professional services

JK Environmental Services, LLC

Kevin Brien
Owner and Principal


JK Environmental Services, LLC is an environmental consulting firm specializing in the investigation and remediation of petroleum-contaminated properties. In addition, the company works with the real estate industry to perform environmental due diligence for transactions. For owner and principal Kevin Brien, JK Environmental’s success has been about finding the right personnel. He says the company has built a strong and diverse team that is able to grow together by working together. “You don’t build a company — you build a team you trust and they build the company,” says Brien. That team has remained dedicated to putting client needs ahead of profit, which has allowed JK Environmental to grow with the help of repeat clients and referrals.

Quick Tip: “Nothing is ever perfect, and a good manager gets that and takes on any challenge.”

One of the greatest challenges JK Environmental has faced has been finding enough capital to continually keep up with project expenses. Additionally, the company has had to work hard to find qualified staff members to add to the team. Even in the face of such challenges, JK Environmental has continued to grow over the last three years, and Brien plans to see that growth continue into the future. Additionally, the company plans to continue to make community service a part of its mission by giving back to local charities as much as possible. “The more you give back to the community, the more successful the company will become. It’s karma,” says Brien.